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Blue Mermaid Spa - Spray Tanning services

Spray Tanning is Quick & Easy

It seems that you can’t go more than a few days without reading another story or study about the harmful effects of laying out in the sun to get a tan. As people are becoming more health conscious, they often start looking for a safer way to get the dark skin they desire. One great option is to use spray tanning in Dallas, TX. While spray tanning has gotten a bad reputation for looking fake in the past, that is simply not the case anymore.

There have been many improvements in the products that are used, and the methods that are employed to apply the tanning. Here at Blue Mermaid Spa, we use only top of the line spray tan products to give you the look you desire. Whether you are hoping to just get a couple shades darker, or you want to look like you’ve spent weeks at the beach, we’ll help you come up with the perfect color. Our expert applicators will help give you a nice, smooth application that will keep your skin looking nice for a long time.

We use Bronze BioLOGIC all natural cosmeceutical airbrush spray tanning. No toxic ingredients, No Alcohol, No Dyes or Perfumes, No Artificial Colors, No Streaking, Incredible Natural Color.


  • $40 – Custom Tan
  • $150 – 4 Trans per month