Eat similar foods

So most likely you will not be cooking any of your meals, leaving you pretty much out of control of what is being used to cook the food and the produce. My advice here would be to choose meals that are the same or near enough the same to what you usually eat then you can track it and have somewhat of an idea of where you’re at.

Save Calories

Of course, you want to enjoy the local cuisine, I mean you’ve paid the money to go there, so you might as well enjoy their food. Believe me, I had plenty of authentic Indian food. So if you know you’re going to go all out on the local cuisine one evening, my advice would be to save yourself some calories, track what you eat throughout the day, make an effort of eating things that are easy to count (calorie-wise) and consume them in smaller portions then you normally would. Try to save yourself a minimum of 1000 kcals.

Move More

I am assuming you have vacationed somewhere with nice weather, I don’t think any of us intentionally book vacations where it’s raining. Take advantage of the hot weather and explore, walk wherever that you physically can, take the stairs instead of the elevator, anything that gets you moving a little bit more. Not only is this good for your health and a nice way to see your destination, but the extra calories that you will be burning is a massive plus.

Keep Training

Just because you are away is NO excuse not to train especially if it is something you love to do. Most hotels these days will have some sort of gym, yes it won’t be as good as your gym but make it work and if it doesn’t have a gym then do a bodyweight circuit in your room there is no excuse (Our last email had 5 different workouts you can do anywhere). Make time for it, its only 45mins of your day, get up earlier, sunbathe for less time.

Plan Ahead

Now this may not be for everyone but what you can do is plan ahead, by this I mean pack certain foods that you can snack on while your there, nuts or oats, take protein powder with you, pack workout equipment like bands or a trx, some people may think this is extreme but then I guess that depends on how seriously you take your training, each to there own. No judgments.

Things that are easy to take:

  • Protein Bars
  • Packets of Protein Powder
  • Packets of Oats
  • Nuts
  • Multivitamins
  • Bands
  • Trx
  • Your Body