Jane Colley, Licensed Esthetician, Blue Mermaid Spa Owner

Jane Colley, Licensed Esthetician, Blue Mermaid Spa Owner

In today’s digital world, we are bombarded by daily images of what is beautiful and what is not. These images are so overwhelming that we often feel as though we are not enough – we are not working hard enough or not beautiful enough.

Do not buy into society’s message that you are supposed to be a certain look, weight and image in order to be beautiful. Just like the concept of mermaids, not everything we see in print and in media is real. Models and celebrities pictures are airbrushed, photoshopped and digitally enhanced to look flawless.

Instead of feeling down and inadequate because of society’s standards of beauty, why not be your own kind of beautiful?

Our Mission

At Blue Mermaid Spa, we believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. That is why we have made it our mission to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.

We provide skin and body treatments in a tranquil, caring, upscale and professional environment. Our licensed estheticians provide clients with the latest in skin care treatments, body treatments and anti-aging therapies.

Blue Mermaid Spa office

Our goal is to tailor your experience to your desired outcome.

Our spa is mindful of the overall experience of our clients. We use only the finest and most effective oils, lotions, beauty treatments and aromatherapies. We are proud to say that we always follow strict sanitation guidelines in order to protect our clients’ health.

Blue Mermaid Spa office

Our staff is always respectful of our clients’ needs while giving them utmost care and the privacy they need. That’s why each session you have is focused on you, tailored to your skin care needs so you get the best possible result with every treatment.

Blue Mermaid Spa office

Our therapists are professional members of the Associated Skin Care Professionals. They have been validated as meeting their state’s licensing credentials and/or core training requirements and agree to follow a code of ethics which ensures that our clients will be treated responsibly and with the utmost respect.

ASCP also provides its members with comprehensive resources that allow them to keep up with changing trends, making certain you’ll receive the most up-to-date therapies available.

At Blue Mermaid Spa, we all look forward to pampering you and enhancing your unique beauty!

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