Jul, 26 2016

What is a facial? Why do I need one?

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A facial is a professional cleansing, purifying, and beautifying treatment of the skin on the face and neck. Facials are the number one treatment performed by estheticians, and a good way for your therapist to get a good understanding of your skin prior to suggesting more aggressive treatments. For most people, facials can be scheduled [...]

Jul, 26 2016

How do I prepare for a facial?

By |2016-08-11T16:14:54+00:00July 26th, 2016|

Be sure to allow enough time to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire prior to your treatment. Plan to arrive a little early so you will not feel rushed and can enjoy the entire length of your treatment. Remember that your hair may become damp during the facial, and will usually be held back from your face [...]

Jul, 26 2016

What should I expect during a facial?

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Facials are generally very relaxing and soothing. Your esthetician will explain to you what the treatment steps will be. Be sure to communicate with your esthetician during the facial if any product burns, itches, or if you need anything or have any questions. Otherwise, just lie back and enjoy the experience. A basic facial generally [...]

Jul, 26 2016

What should I expect after a facial?

By |2016-07-26T21:53:08+00:00July 26th, 2016|

After a facial, your skin will probably be soft, smooth and well hydrated. However, if multiple extractions were needed or if you required a fair amount of exfoliation, your face may be somewhat rosy for one to two hours or more, depending on how sensitive your skin is. This is quite normal. You can apply [...]

Jul, 26 2016

Will I be provided home care products after my facial?

By |2016-08-11T16:15:39+00:00July 26th, 2016|

Your esthetician will go over which professional home care products are best for you to continue the improvement in your skin following your professional treatment. This way, you will be using products that maximize benefits and prolong the effects of your treatment. Your therapist can explain how, when and how much of the products to [...]


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