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Blue Mermaid Spa - Facial services

Facial spa treatments are a great way to help keep your skin looking healthy and young. In addition, they are considered by many to be an exceptionally relaxing and enjoyable experience. Let us help restore your skin using our advanced techniques. Our facial spa treatments are designed to work at a cellular level to repair skin from the inside.

Choose from any of our advanced Facial Treatments.

Ultrasound Facial –  Anti-Aging Facial

Anyone looking for one of the most advanced types of skin care available will want to give this a try. It uses very low level electrical current to stimulate and restore your skin.

The advanced Ultrasound Radio frequency, and Microcurrent machine will help to open up pores and remove dead skin. It also helps skin care products to penetrate 3000 times deeper than just applying products to the skin surface.

During the treatment we use anti-aging serums, amino acids, peptides and moisurizers for exceptional results. The microcurrent step lifts and tones the facial muscles. In addition, this facial machine has the following benefits based on Dermasound tests:

  • Acne patients saw a visible improvement of 98%
  • Rosacea patients experienced a 90% improvements
  • Pigment patients noticed a 100% improvement
  • Psoriasis sufferers reported 100% improvement

What do the Dr’s say about Dermasound?

Oxygen Facial – Acne Facial

If you struggle with acne, this extremely effective facial treatment will help reduce breakouts and give your skin a healthy look and feel. This treatment is also great for all other skin types because it brightens and refreshes the skin.


  • $160 – 50 min: Signature DermaSound Ultrasound Facial
  • $390 – 50 min per session: DermaSound Ultrasound Facial 3 Package Deal
  • $650 – 50 min per session: DermaSound Ultrasound Facial 6 Package Deal
  • $160 – 60 min: Oxygen Facial
  • $150 – 90 min: Switch Dermal Rejuvenation System / Chemical Peel

Cryoskin Facial Toning

  • 1 session $250
  • Package of 5 sessions $995
  • Package of 10 sessions $1500

More information about our Cryoskin Services